Saturday, December 20, 2008

How to sew a Dirndl - Part III The apron

We're sewing the apron now :)
Again, you start with a rectangular piece of fabric. For the apron of a ankle-length Dirndl you need about 1m of 1,40m wide fabric.
From this, you cut two 12 cm wide pieces for the apron strings and one 8 cm wide piece for the waistband.

We need a Hansl for the apron, too. Its checks are just a bit smaller than the one we used for the skirt:

This strip of fabric is sewed on the whole shorter edge of the apron-fabric:

For the apron, you thread 9 - 11 rows of button-hole thread through the checks. I admit, this is a LOT of work, but it really is worth it. Here's a picture of a finished apron:
from the left:

and from the right:

Now it's time for the apron strings. Not really difficult, again. Just fold the 12 cm wide strips in half, sew them together and make a tip on one end. Turn them around, iron them et voilá:

For the waistband (6 - 8cm wide, about 5cm shorter than your waist) I use fusible interfacing:

Now my favourite piece of work: Pull on the threads you used on the Hansl until the apron is about 35 cm wide and sew it to the middle of the waistband (have I told you that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this fabric?):

The apron strings are folded into a box pleat and also sewed on the waistband:

Fold the edges of the apron twice and sew.
Fold the waistband and sew it in place by hand. Finished :)

Next, we're going to do the Leib (bodice)!

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