Sunday, January 11, 2009

Jaywalker socks

I'm not really into any kind of sewing right now ... still, I need something to keep my hands busy (except for university-related work of course ...) while waiting for the yarn for my Sylvi to arrive. You probably can guess that I'm a tiny bit impatient ;)
Anyway, when I was at my parents' place this weekend I discovered that I don't have any undamaged hand-knit socks. I had quite a lot of time, but somehow all of them have a hole somewhere. Mysterious, isn't it? ;) So, I'm in need of socks. I've knit quite a lot of simple, basic socks - the way I learned them at school. But row after row of stockinette stitch is boring, isn't it? It's time for something new - I decided to try a classic: jaywalker socks, designed by grumperina (on her page you can see a great gallery with pictures of tons of jaywalker socks).
I'm using Regia Winter Color sock wool (4-ply) in the St. Moritz colorway.

I already used this before, on a plain stockinette stitch sock it looks like this:

I think this will look good with the zigzag pattern.
With 2.25mm needles this is going to take a while, though ...

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