Monday, January 19, 2009

Little Snowhite

Yesterday when browsing through ravelry, I stumbled upon an adorable pattern: Baby Snow Dragon (at ravelry). Well, this baby isn't too much of work, so I made her as a short in-between project.
My baby dragon consists of 15 more or less tiny pieces:

And here she is in all her glory - cute, isn't she?

I'm pretty sure I'll make another one, maybe out of thicker yarn, so she'll get a big sister :)

I also cast on the first sleeve for my Sylvi:

As I already mentioned, I'm going to do a heavily modified version, inspired by Diana's.

And with this I'll leave you - I've got some studying to do ...

4 Kommentare:

  1. Hi Betti!
    Your baby dragon is tooo nice! Do you know the answer - do you know www.willhaben.auch?=
    Your mum

  2. Thank you so much mum :) Maybe another little dragon will find its way to HB ...

  3. die kleine süße maus, oder halt das kleine süße drachenmädchen, fühlt sich hier bei mir in wibu recht wohl!
    aber ich könnt mir durch auch vorstellen dass morgen um diese zeit aus dem süßen kleinen drachenmädl ein furchtbares ungehäuer wird!!
    bussis nach linz, von snowwhite und mir ;-)

  4. Cute dragon :) Maybe you could try also other animals.