Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Horse stuff

So. As I already told you, I hurt my knee a few weeks back while skiing. This means that I'm not able to do about anything. Which also means that I'm in serious horsey stuff withdrawal. Because of all the snow we had in the last days, I can't even go out and do other stuff than riding. Riding might even work, but I have no idea how to mount my horse. Standing on one foot is really not a good idea. Trust me, I tried.

However, I went through some pics of my horse, and I decided to show you some.
Kira is a 12-year old icelandic horse mare:

This is she with her son Skáti:

The next pictures were taken during a course at my riding teacher's (you can visit here here: www.baerenfilz.de )

Some more riding pictures, this time taken at my place:

Finally, one of my favourite pics:

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  1. What a pretty horse! and her mane looks SO nice in all of the pictures!