Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Cherry blossoms

Quite a few of my fellow students are spending this term abroad (if you're interested, you can find their respective blogs here and here and here ).

Anyway, the two guys who are staying in Japan wrote about the traditional annual celebration of Sakura, the blossoming of the Japanese cherry trees.
Well, cherry trees are blossoming not only in Japan, but also in Austria.

These wonderful blossoms reminded me of a quick scarf that was published in one of the past issues of the awesome online knitting magazine knitty.com: Nagano Sakura

Here are some impressions of my version:

I also finished my project for the 2nd SKC KAL: Karma Tank

My knee is also improving rapidly. After 4 weeks at home (including the 1 week I spend at the hospital), I've been back to university for 2 days now. What shall I say - I think I've never been quite so happy to study again :)
I have to wear a brace that prevents my knee from doing any harmful movements like rotations. Actually, this isn't all that uncomfortable.

The cuts are healing nicely, too. I'll be up to full speed in no time at all.

Anyway. I don't want to end this post with this ugly pic of my even more ugly knee. Something nice of two of our horses having fun instead:

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