Sunday, April 26, 2009

Lilly rocks the Saustall

In the village where I grew up, there is a fun project called pigbrother, which I'd really like for all of you to know about - and even more important, to support it :)
(The website is in German)

4 piglets grow up on local farm, and during a time of 6 weeks you can watch those cute animals on a live cam. But you can not only watch them, but you can choose one of them and support it by registering and feeding it with virtual potatoes once a day.

And now I'm at the point where I want to ask for your support. Please vote for Lilly! She's the smallest of the piglets, and we want her to grow!

There are already support groups for Lilly on studiVZ and facebook called "Lilly rocks the Saustall" (in English: Lilly rocks the pigpen).

Among those people who vote for the winning pig, prizes are drawn. Unfortunatley, participation is only possible for residents of Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

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