Friday, June 19, 2009

End of term

A few days ago, Klemens kindly reminded me that I've lately been noteably absent. This is true, and I apologize. But there's really not a lot to write about right now. It's the usual end-of-term time: Squeezing in a lot of end-of-term studying in between a lot of end-of-term parties. Next week is going to be a bit crazy: Two talks about rather complicated scientific topics, as well as an exam in Spanish, which I don't really speak (or write, for that matter) all that well.

Last night I was at the debut gig of a band some of my friends play in, and they really rock! If you are interested, you can visit them and listen to some of their music on their myspace page.

My knee finally regained most of its mobility, but I've lost a lot of strength, and I still haven't found the right balance between working out enough but not too much. But now I can ride my horse (and even dance a bit *grin*) again, I'm mostly happy :) :) :)

As for sewing: I've continued to work on the Claire Shaeffer Blazer, but this thing really required a lot of handsewing and is still going to take quite some time.

So, what I actually wanted to ask you: How do you want this blog to be continued? Originally, my horse stuff had its own blog, this place was meant to be for the creative (and a bit of personal) stuff. I'm not sure how well those mix, and if the people who want to read about riding etc. wouldn't get bored when having to read about sewing and knitting. So please, tell me what you thing about this!

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  1. Well, I know, those who sit in the green house shouldn't toss stones, but for some reason your blog is the only way to get some insight in your life and things in upper austria. And I like the mixture of things your blogging now, so I would say to keep it the way it is now, but I'm not the one to decided so it's up to you I guess.

    Greets, Klemens