Saturday, July 18, 2009

Fawkes, the Phoenix

Summer has only arrived here a few days ago, and before that I was in serious need of some thick, warm socks. Freezing in July just isn't an option. So I bought some sock yarn and went searching for a matching pattern. The yarn was coloured in bright red and orange tones, very warm colours. So when I stumbled upon the Fawkes socks by Monkey Toes - mere weeks before the new Harry Potter movie started - I knew that they'd be a perfect match.

As you can see, they did turn out quite well and I love wearing them. Well, not right now as summer finally arrived and the temperatures are at least 25°C.
I'm really enjoying my holidays right now, and despite the fact that my knee is still not behaving itself, I work a lot with my horse - mostly lunging, as riding does not work the way I want it too.
Anyway - enjoy your summer, too! (If you are in a place in the world where it's summer. If not: Enjoy whatever season there is ;) )

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