Sunday, August 2, 2009

Skandal um Rosi

Last weekend I was at the annual weaver's market in Haslach, and finally I can understand the hype around the Wollmeise yarns. The colours are great, and the yarn is incredibly soft.
Here's what I bought:

From left to right: 1 skein in the "Grashüpfer" (Grasshopper) colourway, 1 skein in the "Tampobata" colourway, 1 skein in "Gewitterhimmel" (Thundersky) and 1 skein of "Skandal um Rosi" (scandal about Rosi).
For my non-German speaking readers I'll have to explain what's so funny about "Skandal um Rosi". Sometime in the early 80s there was a band called "Spider Murphy Gang" (I even think they are still around), and their most famous song is called "Skandal im Sperrbezirk". It's about a girl named Rosi who takes away all the town's prostitutes' business. In a very 80s kind of way, it's hilarous (for me even more so, because my Grandma is called Rosi). Have a look:

I'm afraid the lyrics are intranslateable (at least I'm too lazy to give it a try ...).

Anyway - stay tuned for a post very soon, because I've already started to knit some pretty things from my new Wollmeise yarns :)

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