Wednesday, December 15, 2010

What I have been up to in the last year

I knitted a lot. Really. A lot.

From my first Wollmeise skeins purchased at the Webermarkt Haslach in Summer 2009, I knit my first lace projects:

The Skandal um Rosi turned into a Lace Ribbon Scarf, a wonderful pattern from Knitty Spring 2008:

The Gewitterhimmel skein turned into a Zetor lace shawl:

Tampobata (which I'm still absolutely in love with) became another Knitty pattern: Entomology from the Summer 2009 issue:

From Grashüpfer, I knit a pair of Butterfly socks for my mom, unfortunatley I gave them to her before I could take a photo. I'll try to get one when I go home for Christmas!

Last Christmas I made myself a Christmas gift: A trip to the Wollmeise brick-and-mortar store in Pfaffenhofen/Ilm. I bought a skein of "Jeton", "Gianduia" and "der letzte Versuch" in 100%, as well as a skein of Lace in "Roter Himbeermund".

From the Jeton skein, I knit yet another Knitty pattern: Kingdom gloves from the Summer 2009 issue.

There was one more (major!) project this summer, but that deserves its own post!

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