Thursday, August 16, 2012

Victorian Dress pt. 10 - Parasol

Of course, a dress like this also needs some accessoires. I will make a parasol, a hat and gloves.
For the parasol, I bouth a children's umbrella:

I took off the fabric and the plastic handle and tips, and then I bent the arms into a slight pagoda form.

I measured the bends in the new shape of the parasol, and together with the original fabric I came up with a pattern piece. I made a musslin out of an old bedsheet, which i will use afterwards as an interlining to give my silk fabric more strength.

Then I did something slightly crazy: At my workplace, we have a turning lathe ... I figured that one could just as well work with wood instead of metal, and I turned myself a handle (and a tip) for my parasol:

The wood was common beech, and I wanted to give it a more elegant look, so I bated it in a mahagoni colour and sealed it with 3 layers of wood oil.  Instead of the plastic tip covers, I used wooden beads. 


In the meantime, I made the cover for the parasol out of the rosè silk: 

The fabric is sewn to the wooden beads, which have a small hole to fix them on the arms of the parasol. Additionally, I put a small drop of glue on the point where the wood meets the metal.

To cover the spot where the fabric forms a hole around the tip, I put some lace around

The inside of the parasol is lined with an IKEA bedsheet ;-)

And here it is:

I have to admit that I'm extremely proud of it. In the whole victorian ensamble, this was by far the most elaborate and time-consuming - but it was so worth it!

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  1. Wow - you should definitely be proud! The parasol looks fantastic.

  2. Wahnsinn toll vor allem dass du den Holzgriff selber gedreht hast, bin richtig begeistert!

    vlg annette