Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Jersey Summer Dress - Burda 7260

J and I are invited to two weddings this spring, and although I have a few wearable options in my closet, I decided to make a new dress for these occasions.

I was inspired by this gorgeous dress that Fran posted a couple of weeks ago:

Source: Nordstrom

Looking for a pattern, I found Burda 7260, which comes in two different lengths:


Combining the collar of the B version with the length of the A version comes very close to what I imagined.

The pattern suggests Chiffon, Georgette or Crepe the Chine. However, when I went fabric shopping, I ended up with a wonderful printed italian rayon jersey ...

Tthe drape of the jersey will be okay, but it's very flimsy and stretchy, and I have no idea how the pattern will behave when made up in a knit fabric.

When dealing with a border print fabric, there are difficult choices to make ... which part of the fabric goes where on the finished dress?

After some draping on Hannah the dressform, I decided for an arrangement like this:

The print is placed at the hem. At the waistline, the color gradient has changed from almost white to turquoise. From the waistline upwards, the fabric is arranged the other way around - going from turquoise to white-ish.

I've already made a muslin and fitted the pattern, so stay tuned for the next post.


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