Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Vogue Patterns 1027: DKNY Knit Wrap Dress

I'm in love with knit dresses. And I adore wrap dresses. So Vogue 1027 seems like the perfect pattern for me.

The pattern is form the Vogue designer line, in this case it's a pattern by DKNY:


The fabric is a light blue knit, which is a bit heavier than what would suit the pattern best. Still, I like the colour a lot and it was a steal at the local fabric outlet.

I'm quite new to working with knits, and I don't own a serger. I stitched the seams with a narrow zig-zag, and finished the seam allowances by stitching a second time about 5 mm next to the seam. The fabric doesn't fray at all, so this should be fine.


The neckline and hem were stitched with a twin needle.

Here are the pictures of the finished dress:


What I really like about this dress are the side seam pockets. They are really big and provide a lot of space without disturbing the shape of the dress becuase they are hidden in the full skirt.

And the best thing about the dress: it goes perfectly with my blue heels :-D

I really love this pattern, and I will definitely sew this again!

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  1. Love the color too, it was a fine fabric used. Thanks a lot for sharing.