Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Winter comeback?

Because we had a comeback of winter in the last couple of days, I want to share one of my winter knitting projects with you.

Already last winter I made a wonderful hat for myself. It's made out of Álafoss Lopi, which is wool that comes from iclenadic sheep. And what can I say, my other half liked it so much that he wanted one for himself:

The pattern is available via ravelry, and has some really interesting details. I especially like the braided edge of the hat and ear flap:

I added fleece lining to the hat to make it even warmer and more wind proof. Also, it protects from the scratchyness of the wool.

We both love our hats - still, let's hope we won't be needing them for next couple of months!

See you soon,


ETA: J pointed out that not only did he ask for the hat, he also suggested a significant improvement: the fleece lining (and as much as it hurts me to confess it: you were right ;-) )

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