Thursday, May 7, 2015

Jersey Summer Dress Pt. 3 - Cutting & Bodice construction

In a previous post on this dress, I showed you the arrangement of the print that I want on the finished garment. Arranging the pattern pieces on the fabric was not all that easy, but I managed to place them all in a way that ended up with the right color in the right spot :-)
The jersey is incredibly drapey, which is nice for the dress, but a nightmare for cutting. I didn't pin the pattern pieces to the fabric, I just fixed them with some weights, marked the seam allowances and cut away.

On the lining front and back pieces, I stabilized the armhole and neckline with stay tape in order to prevent stretching.

The instructions suggest bias binding for finishing the armhole, but I rather turned it over and understitched in order to prevent the white lining from rolling to the front. I think it gives a cleaner look than the bias binding.

The collar was done just as described in the pattern. I like the idea of a turtleneck dress with a slit from midback up to the collar. Therefore, I kept the center back seam in the bodice. The jersey is stretchy enough to put it on without a zipper, so I just stitched the center back seam.

I just love the collar with the loop closure and the pearl buttons:

So far for the bodice - next up: the skirt!

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