Friday, July 24, 2015

Jersey Summer Dress Pt. 4 - Final

Rest assured, the dress was done in time for my cousin's wedding at the end of May - I just ran out of time to blog about it. 

For the skirt, I didn't use the same rayon jersey lining as for the bodice. In order to prevent the skirt from climbing up my legs, I used knit jersey.
At the waistline, an elastic is inserted in order to make the dress fit properly, and to cover this it tells to make a belt. I made the belt out of the same fabric - this by the way proved to be quite a challenge when arranging my pattern pieces for cutting. In order to get the color I wanted I had to shuffle quite a bit ...

The belt is closed by the same pearl buttons as the turtleneck, but here I didn't use fabric loops. Instead, I made tiny loops out of thread, using a pencil as a guide for size: 

This is the finished belt:

And finally, the full dress - I took the pictures after the wedding, so it's a little bit wrinkled ...
Because of the rayon jersey, the dress is incredibly comfortable to wear, and it already proved that it's well suited for partying all night long :-)


For my cousin's wedding, I wore silver peep toes, pearl earrings and a silver watch: 

I have been sewing quite a lot during the last weeks, so stay tuned what's coming next!


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  1. This dress is a work of art! Beautiful fabric/pattern combo. I've never seen the pencil-as-button-loop-spacer trick. Clever!