Thursday, August 27, 2015

Mama's Garden (or: stuffed zucchini)

My mom's garden is gorgeous. Not just to look at, but also to eat :-D

When my parents came to visit us a while ago, mom brought a home-grown zucchini as a gift. Finally I got around to cooking something out of it.

An all-time favourite when it comes to zucchini is stuffed zucchini. Wanna come along for cooking?

First, I cut the (huge!) zucchini in half.

and hollow it (I used a spoon, but if you find another tool more useful, go ahead)

Now we go for the sauce. First, I sliced one small onion. I never ever slice onions by hand because I'd end up a crying mess. Instead, I use this fantastic tool by Tupperware, which is perfect for slicing just about anything:

Just a few spins, and here we go - perfectly sliced onions:

Put it in pan with some olive oil and fry:

Add minced meat and fry again:

I like to add some tomato pasta:

And one can of peeled tomatoes:

As well as half a box of cream cheese:

Add salt, pepper and some herbs:

Let stir for a few minutes:

As I was cooking for only two people, I used just one half of the zucchini. I put it in a casserole dish, and filled the hollowed-out part with the sauce:

And covered it with a nice, thick layer of grated cheese:

The other half of the zucchini I prepared in the same way and put in the freezer - more zucchini delicousness for later :-D

I put today's serving in the oven:

until the cheese had formed a nice crusty, tasty, wonderful layer (have I mentioned yet that I love love love love love cheese?):

Each of us got half of the zucchini half (my inner mathematician wants me to write a quarter of a zucchini, but somehow that's not right ...):

And there we go - enjoy!


I hope you enjoyed this little cooking expedition - there will be more!


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  1. That looks so good! I bet my boys would like that with all the cheese and meat. Must try!

    1. Thanks for stopping by!
      What I love so much about this dish that it's super easy and super cheap while totally delicious!