Wednesday, August 26, 2015

To knit or to sew - that' s the question!

Lately, I've been showing you mostly garments I've sewed, but I also have been knitting quite a lot. Actually, I in some ways even prefer knitting to sewing because I can do it in the living room, spending time with other people in the house. My sewing machine is placed in our office/crafts room, so I cannot join J watching the latest episode of GoT when I sit there :-(

I've loved the Petrie top as soon as I saw it in the summer 2010 issue of knitty - it took my a while to get around to knitting it (and then some more to finish it), but finally it's done. Hooray!

I love the drapey boat neck, and the shaping provided by the increases for the neckline give great fit for us busty gals. For the yarn, I found some simple worsted 100% cotton yarn in the grab bin. Isn't the color amazing? It makes me happy every time I look at it.
You can find a few more details, including my notes on when to start the shaping, on my ravelry project page.

See you soon!


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