Sunday, September 6, 2015

Peach Baby!

A few days ago my sister sent me a picture of a plum cake she made, and it looked so delicious I immediately wanted my own! The only problem was - I didn't have any plums at home, so I made do with peaches instead.

These days, I try to be more organized when working in the kitchen. I make it a point to check that the dishwasher is empty so that I can put the used kitchenware away as soon as I don't need it anymore. Also, I prepare all the ingredients before I get started in order to have everything ready when I need it.

First, I mixed the pre-warmed butter with powdered sugar. When using powdered sugar, always put it through a sieve to prevent those persistent knobs.

Next, I seperated the eggs and added one spoon of yoghurt to the yolks.

The yolks were then added to the butter-suggar mix and mixed really well. This is important - really mix until the batter turns almost white.

 The egg whites are mixed with sugar and beat them until firm:

In the meantime, I cut the peaches into slices.

 To finish the batter, I added the beaten egg whites and flour to the butter-yolk mix:

The whole things goes into a springform pan and flattened.

And covered with slices of peach. You can go creative in the way you spread the fruit here!

And off into the oven!

In the meantime, I put the rest of the peaches into a pot along with some water, sugar and cinnamon in order to make some compote to go with the cake.

After 30 min in the oven, the cake is ready!


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