Thursday, January 29, 2009

Knitting paused

As I showed you yesterday, I'm about halfway through the back. But I have to pause :( Yesterday when washing the dishes I broke a glass and cut my hand. I tried to knit a few rows today, but it hurts.
This isn't too bad, though - I should be studying instead of knitting anyway :)

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Sylvi is a really fast knit. I cast on for the back yesterday evening and did about half of it.

The second sleeve is finished, as well - I'm not putting a picture of it up here because it looks just like the first one.

A word on colours: The red of my yarn doesn't really look like it does in the pictures. I'll try to take one outdoors, but right now it's snowing heavily.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

First sleeve finished!

After some calculation for the raglan decreases (my row gauge is 20 rows/10 cm while the pattern says 16 rows/10 cm ...) I finished the first sleeve for Sylvi. Because after a while I got bored with so many rows of seed stitch, I decided to add one of the leave-motives from the hood to the sleeve and I really like the way this turned out. It helps create a lovely bell-shaped sleeve (you can't really see this when the sleeve lies flat).

I also like the way the yarn behaves. First, I was a bit sceptic, because the pattern suggests a 100% wool yarn and mine has only 30% wool and 70% acrylic. But in my opinion both the seed stitch as well as the cables look pretty. I'm looking forward so much to having this finished, I can't even begin to tell :)

Monday, January 19, 2009

Little Snowhite

Yesterday when browsing through ravelry, I stumbled upon an adorable pattern: Baby Snow Dragon (at ravelry). Well, this baby isn't too much of work, so I made her as a short in-between project.
My baby dragon consists of 15 more or less tiny pieces:

And here she is in all her glory - cute, isn't she?

I'm pretty sure I'll make another one, maybe out of thicker yarn, so she'll get a big sister :)

I also cast on the first sleeve for my Sylvi:

As I already mentioned, I'm going to do a heavily modified version, inspired by Diana's.

And with this I'll leave you - I've got some studying to do ...

Sunday, January 18, 2009


Yes, the yarn for my Sylvi has arrived! I ordered Boston by Schachenmayr nomotta at in the burgund colorway. It's a beautiful dark read, and I can't wait to cast on!
Still, I want to finish the Jaywalker socks, first. As far as these are concerned, I'm done with the first sock:

A close-up of the zigzag-pattern:

All right, that's the crafty stuff for today. End of term is approaching quickly and I've got loads of studying to do.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

It's freezing ...

yes, it is. For the last couple of weeks, temperatures have been really low around here. And what does the dedicated knitter in such a case? You guessed correctly: she knits a hat. Or, as it is in my case, two of them.
During my christmas break, I wanted to knit a cozy matching set of hat and scarf. I went to a local yarnstore and got a great super bulky wool blend. With needles size 8 the hat was quickly knit, and turned out just the way I had imagined it (I had to experiment a bit, I recycled a pattern for a bag ...).

And I wasn't the only one who liked my hat ... mom decided she wanted one, too. Being the good daughter I ususally am ;), I of course fulfilled her wish, and now my hat's got a twin.

The jaywalker ankle-socks are growing, as well. I finished the heel and am well on my way along the foot :)

BTW: how do you like the new design?

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Jaywalker socks

I'm not really into any kind of sewing right now ... still, I need something to keep my hands busy (except for university-related work of course ...) while waiting for the yarn for my Sylvi to arrive. You probably can guess that I'm a tiny bit impatient ;)
Anyway, when I was at my parents' place this weekend I discovered that I don't have any undamaged hand-knit socks. I had quite a lot of time, but somehow all of them have a hole somewhere. Mysterious, isn't it? ;) So, I'm in need of socks. I've knit quite a lot of simple, basic socks - the way I learned them at school. But row after row of stockinette stitch is boring, isn't it? It's time for something new - I decided to try a classic: jaywalker socks, designed by grumperina (on her page you can see a great gallery with pictures of tons of jaywalker socks).
I'm using Regia Winter Color sock wool (4-ply) in the St. Moritz colorway.

I already used this before, on a plain stockinette stitch sock it looks like this:

I think this will look good with the zigzag pattern.
With 2.25mm needles this is going to take a while, though ...

Thursday, January 8, 2009

christmas is over ...

Hi everyone,

I hope you enjoyed christmas!

This year for the first time I made the gifts for my mom and my sister myself.
Mom got a pullover (Burda Mode August 2008 - ravelry):

This pullover was fun to knit: Not too boring, but easy enough to TV-knit ;)
I used Garnstudio DROPS Muskat in light blue - this color's just perfect for mom.

My sister got a corset (pattern: Doré by Laughing Moon):

Sadly, I didn't have time to take any pictures during the corset's construction. Since I only started in the evening of Dec 23, this can definitely be considered a last-minute gift :D

And as for myself: I already ordered yarn for the Sylvi coat - it's gonna be heavily modified, though.